Piacenza Jazz FEST 2008 - Chicco Bettinardi Contest

In this section you can find my exhibition at Piacenza Jazz FEST 2008 for the Chicco Bettinardi Contest. I published this live in Last.FM to contribute in the music community. The old posts that contains all the story are available at the following address:


In this event I was one of the soloist musicians and I played with:
Mario Zara - piano
Mauro Sereno - bass
Luca Mezzadri - drums

These are all the tracks played:

  1. J&B (downloadable)
  2. All Blues
  3. Autumn Leaves

Notice that you can download from Last.FM only the first track, the other two tracks can be played only in streaming.

Thanks again to all the staff at Piaceza Jazz FEST 2008 for this great opportunity!

Click on the link below or on the image to listen and enjoy!

Piergiorgio Lucidi at Piacenza Jazz FEST - Chicco Bettinardi Contest on Last.FM 

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